Masks for everyone, 24 hours a day!

Masks remain mandatory in healthcare facilities and other places where high hygiene standards are required. Since most people no longer carry a mask with them, many are forced to provide them for free. Our mini-vending machine has already been successfully installed in numerous spaces to immediately address this issue.

Discover our innovative face mask vending machine

"The only machine specifically designed for mask vending, not offered by other companies in the EU.


📦 Compact

It doesn't occupy useful floor space. Additionally, the product is stacked inside, allowing a significant amount of stock to be stored in a small space.

💰 Budget-friendly

"Mount to the wall, plug in, and you're ready to go. No programming knowledge or adjustments required. You can sell 24 hours a day.

🔧 Simple installation

Fijar a la pared, enchufar y listo. No requiere de programación ni ajustes. Podrás vender las 24H del día.

👌🏻 Easy to use

Insert coins or tap card, and the product will be dispensed automatically. Without buttons.

🎨 Customizable

We offer endless customization options (explained below).

🥇 Quality

Product tested and certified with European CE quality standards, in accordance with all regulations. Simple and robust mechanism.

100% Customizable

Customization options


We design the front panel 100% tailor-made for you, with the colors, texts, and images you desire, along with your company logo.


We deliver the machine configured to charge the amount you want. It's also possible to set up deals (e.g. 60 cents = 1 product; 1€ = 2 products).


It can dispense 1 or several surgical masks, FFP2 masks, wipes, gloves, hygiene packs, feminine pads, etc.

Payment methods

The standard model accepts coins and payment through an app. A bank card reader and an employee card reader can also be added.

Acquisition modalities


The machine is yours, and you have the keys and control. You choose which products to put in it and which supplier to buy them from. Its immense simplicity (plug and play) means no programming knowledge is required. However, we are always available to help you with any questions or issues.


– Opción actualmente no disponible –

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